X-menWolverine has long been one of the most interesting characters on X-Men. He continues to fascinate fans and readers alike, helping series to grow in popularity over time. His stay on X-Men is one that has garnered his character much fanfare, and has fond a handful of movies that are completely dedicated to his character, as well as comic book series and a variety of other information.

Depending upon the comic, there are multiple different ways in which the character is depicted. Sometimes, in some comics, Wolverine will have a great deal more speed than another’s. I that same token, the extent to which he can heal can also differ from one, to another. In most comics, the character is able to heal severe whirlwinds in just a few days. In others, he may heal instantly, or in a number of hours. In some comics, a fully destroyed Wolverine was able to heal himself entirely in just a matter of seconds area these depictions vary from comic book to comic book, based upon the author. In one comic, Wolverine is caught in the middle of an atomic explosion. Following the explosion he is able to completely regenerate himself in a matter of minutes.

In some of the recent comics, Wolverine is referred to as adaptive. He is able to continue to increase his ability to heal, through a variety of different techniques, which have made him a popular comic book character, who is able to increase and better his powers over time. One explanation is that through the years of abuse, his body has become even better a regenerated from serious trauma.

In most circumstances, and in most comics, Wolverine also has other abilities as well. These abilities include the ability to sense and detect things around him on a level that is similar to that of wolves. For much of his younger biography, Wolverine actually lives in the woods with a pack of wolves, as he has many traits that he feels are similar to wolves.


Some have suggested that Wolverine is actually able to die, and some suggest that drowning would be the best way to go about killing him. There have been times in which he has deliberately injured himself, or attempted to help other individuals by sacrificing his body, and suffering injuries as a result.

Multiple times throughout the comic books, Wolverine’s skeletal frame has been coded in adamantium, one of the most strongest substances in the comic books. This is usually reserved for only the most potent of abilities in the universe, including Capt. America’s shield. With a skeleton coded in this, it has become increasingly hard to kill or injure Wolverine in a skeletal sense in a number of different comics. In recent comic books, it has been revealed that when Wolverine is seriously injured that his body actually dies before he is able to repair the damage completely. These powers have helped him to grow rapidly over time, and have helped him to remain a fan favorite over that time.